Thursday, September 24, 2009

What are you sleeping on?

In the Old Testament, Job 7:13 states, "My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaint." Just reading that, you are now wishing you could curl up for a nap, or perhaps to read a book. A central part of life, beds have served different purposes in many cultures, but always with the primary function of a good nights rest.

In ancient Egypt, a bed may have been used for eating meals and entertaining, not a far cry from bedroom home theaters. No pillows were used, but a headrest on a short pedestal would support the sleeper's head. Headrests were made of solid materials such as stone or wood (

Originating from the Proto-Germanic "bedjam," meaning "sleeping place dug in the ground," today's beds are have improved significantly ( No longer a crude earthen cot, complete bedroom sets with matching nightstands, dressers and mirrors, bedroom sets today offer comfort, elegance and class. From elegant canopies to sleigh and platform beds, our sleeping places have become as much about style now as a place to rest. Style is no longer for just the wealthy or royal. With low prices and free shipping on all orders, you are sure to find a new bedroom set to satisfy your dreams.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

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